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Re: T. rex preying on Triceratops (sculpture)

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 Lawrence_Dunn@smbcgroup.com wrote:
> Sean Cooper's sculpture of T. rex preying on Triceratops is basically 
> complete.  Looks like you'll be able to depict the theropod preying on 
> either Triceratops -- the juvenile or the adult.  It looks great.  You can 
> take a peek here:
> http://www.paleocraft.com/images/tric_rex_fin1.jpg

This brings to mind a minor thread a while back about the frill's
defensive possibilities. This sculpture illustrates that notion
in that a sharp snap back of the head and frill would directly
hit the predator. Not that I see the image actualized I have to wonder
how much force could be generated...