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Re: FW: NASA scans Samson

Very cool!  this should help clear up some aspects of
articulation and such (maybe even more definitavely
support or (more likely) refute claims of cranial

We had a 3D rotating skull of _T. rex_ at one point. 
It was of a high-res laser scan of the cast of AMNH
5027 we have at the Tech museum.  Dr. Chaterjee had me
working on it, investigating jaw articulation (and
possibilities for kinesis).  Unfortunatly, the masters
student who had _all_ the scan data has disappeared
and we can't find him.

Eric Allen
Undergraduate, TTU

--- "Wilson, Yvonne" <WilsonY@CarnegieMNH.Org> wrote:
> Clarification:
> >Unlike Sue, Samson appears to possess an
> undistorted skull.  
> Okay, not completely undistorted.  We can't fit the
> premax (which had become disarticulated)  back on,
> though it is  quite close. 
> >Samson has been prepped by Carnegie preparators,
> and is being made available for study for a total of
> two years (commencing last May), after which time
> the specimen will be returned to its private owner.
> We aren't even close to being done with the prep. 
> As with Sue, the scan is being performed with the
> rock attached.  But Matt Lamanna and hopefully Larry
> Witmer will be studying it when the prep is done. 
> Perhaps others as well.  I'm just waiting for the
> 3-D rotating T. rex skull at 2006 SVP.
> By the way, if you want to follow the link to see us
> working on it live, wait until it comes back to
> Pittsburgh (late Jan to Feb, so long as they don't
> have to do any emergency space shuttle scans). 
> Yvonne
> Yvonne Wilson
> Preparator, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

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