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Re: Early mammals ate dinosaurs

Thanks for posting that, Guy.

<<Fossil Is Proof of Mammal Eating Dinosaur >>

I ate one at Christmas.  Correction: that was venison.

<<It contradicts conventional evolutionary theory that early mammals were
timid, chipmunk-sized creatures that scurried in the looming shadow of the
giant reptiles.>>

That's not evolutionary theory.  Still, the challenge of a journalist is to
write stuff that engages their readership.  They're allowed to get details
wrong.  (I do the same.)

<<The larger, second fossil also is a Repenomamus, but considerably larger.
It measures more than 3 feet long and probably weighed more than 30 pounds.
Scientists have named it R. giganticus.>>

Good grief!  I don't like the generic name, but the specific name seems