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New Megalosaurus paper

Day and Barrett, 2004. Material Referred to Megalosaurus (Dinosauria:
Theropoda) from the Middle Jurassic of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, England:
one taxon or two? Proceedings of the Geologists' Association. 115, 359-366.


Abstract- Megalosaurus bucklandii von Meyer, 1832 is one of the most widely
known, but poorly understood, of all theropod dinosaurs. It was recently
claimed that the large theropod material from the Stonesfield Slate of
Oxfordshire, which is usually attributed solely to M. bucklandii, represents
not one, but two taxa on the basis of differences in the scapulocoracoids,
ilia and femora. Here we evaluate this claim following examination of almost
all relevant examples of these elements from the UK. A consistent suite of
four differing femoral character states cannot be accounted for by sexual,
ontogenetic or individual variation, and supports the presence of two
morphotypes that probably represent distinct taxa. However, other purported
differences between these two morphotypes are shown to be either ambiguous
or erroneous. One taxon ('morphotype B', corresponding to that represented
by one of the paralectotypes of M. bucklandii) appears to be a basal
tetanuran, whereas the other ('morphotype A') cannot be confidently assigned
to any major theropod clade. Phylogenetic analyses of theropod
interrelationships should not include any nominal species of Megalosaurus
until a full taxonomic appraisal of this material has been completed.

I have the pdf for those who are interested.

Mickey Mortimer
Undergraduate, Earth and Space Sciences
University of Washington
The Theropod Database - http://students.washington.edu/eoraptor/Home.html