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I've just become acquainted with this enigma with the external naris where the 
antorbital fenestra might be on other taxa. Would anyone like to discuss this 
critter offline?

An unusual new archosauromorph reptile from the Upper Triassic Wolfville 
Formation of Nova Scotia
Hans-Dieter Sues 
Can. J. Earth Sci./Rev. Can. Sci. Terre 40(4): 635-649 (2003) 
Abstract: An unusual new reptile, Teraterpeton hrynewichorum, is described 
based on a partial skeleton. The holotype comes from the Upper Triassic 
Wolfville Formation (Newark Supergroup) of Nova Scotia. The temporal region of 
the skull is of the euryapsid type. The premaxillary rostrum and dentary 
symphysis are elongate and edentulous. The dentition comprises distinctive, 
occluding upper and lower teeth. A phylogenetic analysis shows that 
Teraterpeton hrynewichorum is an archosauromorph reptile. Trilophosaurus 
buettneri from the Upper Triassic Dockum Group of Texas may represent a closely 
related species. 

David Peters
St. Louis