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Re: Early mammals ate dinosaurs

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Eric Allen wrote:
> Agreed,
> though you still have the problem of being able to
> definitavely match the lucky survivor's wounds to a
> particular culprit.  
> What I find interesting is that the _Repenomamus_
> swallowed the psittacosaur without chewing it up.
> So here's one for us all:  I was discussing the find
> with a friend of mine after she saw it on the evening
> news (who called the mammal a "tasmanian devil") and
> she asked if the dinosaur was a hatchling or if the
> mammal slurpped down a near-full term egg with the
> dino inside.

Actually, the Nature article addresses that point.

There are at least seven teeth on each jaw quadrant of the juvenile
Psittacosaurus, of which most are worn. This demonstrates that the
Psittacosaurus skeleton is not from an embryo.