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RE: Bird analysis update 3: reweighting

Tim Williams wrote:

< _Longisquama_ was found in the Fergana Valley, now divided between divided

among Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan.  _Longisquama_ was found in 
the Kyrgyz sector.  The Fergana Valley is one of those Central Asian 
"trouble spots": ethnic violence broke out in 1989-90, and Tajik guerillas 
of a militant-Islamic persuasion infiltrated Kyrgyzstan in the late 1990's 
to stir up trouble.  I'm not sure what the current geopolitical situation 
is, but it may not be favorable to paleontological operations.

The sauropod _Ferganasaurus_ was also found in the Fergana Valley of 
Kyrgyzstan, but from a later formation than the one that yielded 
_Longisquama_.  _Ferganasaurus_ was excavated in the 1960's, back when the 
Soviet regime had a stranglehold on this neck of the woods.  How times have 
Islam strikes again!

I have been wondering about the Islamic view of creation.  We all have a
good giggle at Christian fundamentalists and their unwillingness to accept
evolution, but what does the Koran say?