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Urban Story (What the Tsunami Dredged Up)

Well, the fish are real for sure, but they have nothing to do with the

See the site specialized in debunking Urban Stories:



> Origins:   It seems like any unusual or remarkable photographs
> connected with oceanic phenomena are being attributed to the Indian
> Ocean tsunami of December 2004, and this collection of pictures is
> more of the same.
> Although they are genuine images of some rather strange deep-sea
> creatures, these photographs have nothing to do with the Indian Ocean
> tsunami. They date from mid-2003 and were taken as part of the NORFANZ
> voyage, a joint Australian-New Zealand research expedition conducted
> in May-June 2003 to explore deep sea habitats and biodiversity in the
> Tasman Sea. These photographs can be viewed on Australia's National
> Oceans Office web site.



On 15.1.2005 15:22 mjmurphy kirjoitti:<br>

>Found this link from Slashdot.  Its in Russian, but has cool pictures of
>some of the weird deep sea beasts the Tsunami brought to the surface.