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Re: What the Tsunami Dredged Up (off topic)

On Saturday, January 15, 2005, at 05:42  PM, pheret wrote:

well, since the entire movement of water was seafloor to seasurface,
couldn't it have messed up underwater ecosystems as much as shoreline

also, i was thinking of all the things this tsunami could do for future
generations: it has ruined ecosystems by covering them with sand (making
fossils?); we know people have been found out in the water, perhaps some
small animals is currently drifting towards an island to start a new line
of something; people now have to migrate due to the destruction of their
ecosystem as well (altho there's not a lot of places to go now), but maybe
this is how we got all around the world, natural disasters forcing us to
move. altho the loss of life is horrid, from a long-term view, it's
amazing. i suspect this is how the legends of world floods got started,
as well. who knows, 10,000 years from now, this will be another legend.

I agree. You can see how natural Earth events could've spawned massive legends over a few thousand years of re-telling[like you might find in some religious texts]. .
But honestly, you can't tell me the darkish fish' on top of this picture( do not remind you a mosasaur. Does anybody know the specific names for this 'fish' as well as as the one in this picture(