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Re: What the Tsunami Dredged Up (off topic)

A wave form - think sine wave shape.

"FAIR WEATHER WAVEBASE" is in shallow water - 200 meters or less. It is the average base where waves begin to "feel" bottom.

"STORM WAVE BASE" is obviously also averaged, but as wave-form intensity increases with more violent weather, then clearly "storm base" is deeper.

Waves "stir up the mud" when they touch bottom - where ever that may be. They begin to rise in height, when they "feel" that bottom - so again - where ever that may be on the continental shelf. Waves break over at.... I think 7/10 of wave height.

My old Oceanography Professor used to tease the class by saying "If all the water goes out, do not run down the beach to stare at the strange and suddenly flopping fish. Run AWAY."

I have thought about that quite a bit these last weeks. He was 'almost' but not quite kidding us all - little did he know....


At 8:39 AM -0700 1/15/05, frank bliss wrote:
Interesting that a primarily shallow water phenomena would dredge up "deep sea"creatures. Certainly the wave column rode the sea floor but I wouldn't think it would even stir up much mud until the wave front hit dry land. Has anyone actually translated the site?
Frank Bliss
Weston Wyoming
On Jan 15, 2005, at 6:22 AM, mjmurphy wrote:

Found this link from Slashdot.  Its in Russian, but has cool pictures of
some of the weird deep sea beasts the Tsunami brought to the surface.