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Re: What the Tsunami Dredged Up (off topic)

I think the joke was about the students' intelligence.  That people would
need to repeatedly be told such a thing.    Perhaps years in the future it
will be possible to laugh at this degree of idiocy again.

The way I understand it, uplifting occurred where the subduction fault is -
as the portion of ground tha tmoved heaved up and westward (Indiaward) over
the India plate.    Behind it, ground sank, and that affected islands and
part of Sumatra.

I wouldn't expect land east of Sumatra in the strait to have uplifted.    I
could be wrong.

The ecosystem was certainly messed up.   Between land sinking below sea
level, and salt poisoning of areas the tidal wave recovered, there has
indeed been environmental disaster.   Alot of land has been rendered
untenable for agriculture.

I have thought that this is indeed the stuff of which legends like the one
about Noah's ark are born.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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> (SIGH)
> My old Oceanography Professor used to tease the class by saying "If
> all the water goes out, do not run down the beach to stare at the
> strange and suddenly flopping fish. Run AWAY."
> I have thought about that quite a bit these last weeks. He was
> 'almost' but not quite kidding us all - little did he know....
> DB