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Re: What the Tsunami Dredged Up (off topic)

Despite Mr. Marjanovic's assertion, the Laws of Physics still
function without his esteemed permission. The water receded,
before the wave hit the beach.

Erm... pardon??? Do they have to recede first? Does this depend on whether the Indian plate sinks or the Burma plate rises or both at once? Does the last of these 3 cases lead to the mountain hitting first in some places and the valley in others?

I've read/heard some accounts of where people were stuck out on boats when
the water started behaving strangely becoming all swirlly and what not,
which I am told is indicative of the water receding. Another report
supposedly has a young girl, who has just recently learned of Tsunamis at
school, warning her mother about the receding water and thus being able to
evacuate the resort in time.

Where did this happen?