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Re: Michael Critchon's dinosaur

I just heard that some time ago Jurassic Park author Michael Critchon (sp?)
had a dinosaur named after him. Can someone tell me the name and/or provide
an artist's rendering of the dinosaur? Thanks, jusr curious.

*Crichtonsaurus bohlini*, described in:

Dong Zhiming: A new armored dinosaur (Ankylosauria) from Beipiao Basin, Liaoning Province, northeastern China, Vertebrata PalAsiatica 40(4), 276 -- 285 (October 2002)
(Chinese with English summary)

Unfortunately the three specimens, which were found kilometers apart, are rather fragmentary: "a fragment of left mandible bearing three teeth [...]; two cervical vertebrae, a complete dorsal [...]; four sacral and caudal vertebrae, complete scapula, coracoid, humerus, and femur, as well as various plates and scutes of dermal armor". This means there won't be any well-founded artistic renderings. It also means the 3 specimens may belong to as many as 3 different species of ankylosaur!

The total length is estimated as 3 m.