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Re: Tsunami food for thought

I'll again stand in the lab for the next 5 days, so I guess I can afford writing yet one more off-topic e-mail... :-]

Bad as it was, this has't been the worst that the area has experienced with it comes to a Tsunami. I've been waiting for some mention of what the explosion of Krakatau did to the region in 1883, but it hasn't happened yet...

Well, that's the other end of Sumatra, the one which got pretty much spared this time.

This same sort of scenario is thought to have led to the end of the Minonin civilization on Crete when the Santorini volcano exploded in 1,650 BCE.

Didn't the Minoans last several hundred years longer? -- Thera/Santorini did explode at that time, but it wasn't as huge an explosion as used to be thought. It was already a seawater-filled caldera before that time. I saw a documentary about this on TV some years ago.