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Re: 6th sense (Tsunami)

On Monday, January 17, 2005, at 03:56 AM, JLG Arts wrote:

I heard a guy talking on tv who was there to vaccinate dogs who were there out in the jungle and might eat corpses and so start spreading diseases. He told wild animals must have a sort of 6th sence because no single wild animal was killed (at least in that region) by the tsunamy! Elephants(sometimes even with tourists still on their back) fled into the jungle.
This made me wondering: There are so many dinosaur finds were the dinosaurs might have been killed by flooding or wild rivers and other disasters of nature. Wouldn't dinosaurs have hade such a sence?

J. Arts

There are countless dinosaur types we'll never know about because they DID have a such a sense (or sensitivity), thereby escaping fossilization.