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RE: Development question

D. Marjanovic wrote:

> Somewhere -- I believe in the journal Evolution and 
> Development, but I could 
> be confusing this with an article on clavicles that I've 
> definitely read 
> there* -- I've read that the clavicle (IIRC not specified of 
> what animals) 
> is a "secondarily endochondral" bone, means, while it starts 
> to ossify, 
> cartilage appears that later ossifies, too. 

A useful reference with fairly up-to-date references inside is:
Development of the clavicles in birds and mammals
Hall BK
289 (3): 153-161 FEB 15 2001
Clavicles (collar bones) are variably present in mammals. Furculae
(wishbones)-which may or may not be homologous with clavicles-are variably
present and/or fused in birds and present in theropod dinosaurs. In this
overview the development of clavicles and furculae is discussed with special
attention to modes of skeletogenesis (whether intramembranous or
endochondral), numbers of centres of ossification tone in chick furculae;
two in murine clavicles), presence of cartilage (primary in clavicles,
secondary in furculae), evidence from experimental analysis and from
mutations for dependence of both clavicular and furcular growth on
mechanical stimulation, and syndromes and mutations affecting clavicular
development leading to both under and over development. (C) 2001 Wiley-Liss,

Also just an abstract but:
Vickaryous MK, Hall BK
A comparative and developmental study of the crocodylian dermal
interclavicle and avian furcula
INTEGR COMP BIOL 42 (6): 1328-1328 DEC 2002