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RE: Need something to mount a coupla little fossils


Good call.  

Sculpy is the name of the product.  (I have some - you can find it at
most Craft stores or Art Supply stores).  Comes in all sorts of colors
and finishes (even some that look like granite or marble!).  And you can
paint it if you want.  Sculpy is relatively inexpensive (You can get a
kit with a dozen colors for around $10 [USD]).

I know someone who has made some beautiful scale models of various
dinosaurs from Sculpy (including a full body (including tail) sauropod
that was so large that it wouldn't fit in his oven).  Some people get
something to make impressions to show scales on the skin - my friend
insisted on carving each scale on the 30+" (~75 cm) long sauropod.
Artists! :-)

Briefly returning to my previous answer suggesting Riker mounts - the
mounts range in size from 2" x 3" (.5" thick) up to 30" x 40".  These
can sometimes be found at Craft or Art Supply stores (I've found them at
Michaels and at A.C. Moore's).  Again, I'm not sure of prices.

Allan Edels

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Heat-curing "clay" is your answer.  Mold/carve-out the mount; test it
fit; pop the carved clay in the oven; cure it at the specified
temperature, and voila, a hard, relatively durable mount.  I once made a
pedestal mount for a large fossil tooth out of heat-cured clay.  I
sculpted three prongs that secured the base of the tooth.  I made the
base of the mount wide enough so that it couldn't tip over.  Cut the
corners of the mount base with a razor blade.

I believe the clay goes under the brand name "Sculpie" or "Sculpy".  It
is sold in tiny little bricks at places like Wally World.  It comes in
many different colors.   It is very fun to work with, shrinkage is
minimal, and if you can visualize it in 3D, then you can make it with
Sculpie.  The durability of the oven cured "clay" (it isn't a real clay)
is a bit more durable than terra cotta.  I have prototyped all kinds of
things using this type of clay.


On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 15:34:25 -0700 (MST) "Richard W. Travsky"
<rtravsky@uwyo.edu> writes:
> My nieces gave me a shark's tooth and a cave bear's tooth. They're 
> in
> little plastic baggies things. I'd like to have some sort of mount 
> or
> stand or whatever so they'll see it when they visit and won't kill 
> me for
> not displaying them.
> I checked with a little rock shop type store here in town but all he 
> could
> suggest was a wad of clay (was hoping for something a bit less 
> tacky).
> Anything online or other suggestions?