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RE: Vegavis gen. nov. - new anseriform in today's Nature

Christopher Taylor wrote:

The phylogenetic analysis used the Clarke and Norell (2002) dataset to
identify _Vegavis_ as neornithean, then the Mayr & Clarke (2003) dataset to
establish a place among Anseriformes (in an unresolved trichotomy with
_Presbyornis_ and Anatidae - _Vegavis_ was originally identified as
'Presbyornithidae indet.', but the authors here find nothing to link it
specifically to _Presbyornis_).

The species name ("iaai") sounds like something Dr Feduccia might say after reading the paper. Clarke et al. (2004) refute head-on Feduccia's notion that there modern avian lineages did not appear until after the Cretaceous, as part of an early Tertiary "explosion".