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Re: Articles on Dilong and "a hobbit" in the 21. Century magazine

<<1.) Is dilong thefinal proof for asiatic origin of tyrannosaurids?>>

No.  Eotyrannus would get upset.  And so might Stokesosaurus from the
Tithonian of North America, (should it qualify for at least affiliated
membership), and a hip bone from the Kimmeridgian of Portugal found at
Guimarota.  It was described as being close to Stokesaurus, but is smaller.

Martin T & Krebs B (eds), (2000), Guimarota - A Jurassic Ecosystem, Verlag
Dr Friedrich Pfeil, München.

Oliver Rauhut introduces the dinos in Chapter 11: The dinosaur fauna from
the Guimarota mine.