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Saint George Art Show

 Dear List,

     I finally received all of the pertinent information for the Triassic /
 Jurassic Symposium Art show. The Art show itself will run from February
 through the week of April first.The Symposium will run from March 14th
 through the 17th. The Annual Utah friends of Paleontology all chapters
 meeting will then run from March 19th through the 21st.
     If you have contacted me, and I have written back saying that you have
 been accepted into the show, then you are in. Please, original artwork
 If you have contacted me, and haven't received a response, you're not.
      All accepted artists need to email me with their shipping addresses,
 including phone numbers and email , the names and media of the pieces, how
 many you are sending, whether they are for sale ( items won't be sold
 the show, but can be afterwards to interested parties )
     Artists are responsible for shipping costs to the show. The Symposium
 will pay for return freight.All artwork must be received by February 8th,
     If you have not contacted me yet, and wish to submit your art for
 review, you have another week to do so. Please remember, all artwork must
 represent the Late Triassic / Early Jurassic boundary.

 Here is the shipping address:

 Saint George Art Museum
 47 East 200 North
 Saint George, Utah 84770

 Thank you again for your interest.


 Cliff Green