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Re: Who put the anus in zhaoianus?

Dino Guy Ralph (ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu) wrote:

<I understand that the suffix, "-i," is a singular possessive designation,
and that "-orum" designates a plural possessive.  What does "-ianus" as in
 _Microraptor zhaoianus_ mean?>

  From the Latin -ianus, origin of our common "derives from" genetive
"-ian" as in "from Canada" = Canad + ian.

  -i (masc. sing. genitive)
  -ae (fem. sing. genitive)
  -orum (masc. plur. genitive)
  -arum (fem. plur. genitive)
  -ensis (masc. locational genitive)
  -ianus (adj. masc. genitive)

  http://csssrvr.entnem.ufl.edu/~jhf/kiss24.htm explains some of the


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