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Re: still misinformation about Pachycephalosaur out there

Hmm, maybe an episode I'll watch.
Maybe it was some Dinomation exibit?  I know there's
some anamatronic dino exibits around (somewhere...
haven't seen one in a loooong time.)  

Eric Allen
undergraduate, TTU

--- frank bliss <frank@blissnet.com> wrote:

> On Sunday March 6th on ABC, the episode of America's
> Funniest Home 
> Videos has a short clip of a Pachycephalosaur model
> literally head 
> butting a tourist.  I know this because I was at the
> taping of the show 
> in LA as a finalist as one of my extreme 4X4 videos
> made the cut in the 
> top three funnies.  The Pachycephalosaur was shown
> with a  stiff 
> horizontal neck and head down.  I was wondering
> where this model was 
> filmed at.  Anyone have a clue?  The model actually
> moved and nailed 
> the guy in the clip right in the kisser. If the
> airing date changes, I 
> will let you know.  The Jurassic Park Exhibit at
> Universal Studios was 
> closed for constructions. Bummers!
> Frank Bliss
> MS Biostratigraphy
> Weston, Wyoming 

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