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Re: Who put the anus in zhaoianus?

david.marjanovic@gmx.at wrote 20.01.05 20:13:59:

> It's an attempt of making an adjective of Mr. Zhao. The idea is to make the 
> name mean "the Zhao *Microraptor*", like "the Church-Gilbert hybridisation 
> buffer" or "the Carter doctrine"; and in Latin you can't simply put two 
> nouns next to each other to get this effect like you can in English. 

On the contrary, the latter is a quite common case: It's a "noun in 
In case of building a species name from a personal name, however, it is 
recommended not to use the name as a noun in apposition (that is: unchanged) 
but as a word in genitive case (with the appropriate ending) as not to confuse 
the species name with an authors name (ICZN 1999 Rec. 31A). Typically the 
simple genitive is choosen except when
- the personal name ends in two vowels and adding a third one is not euphonious 
["zhaoi" vs "zhaoianus": the inserted "i" is a consonant like "j"]
- an adjective is preferred so that the gender of the genus is obvious
- in a related genus or another genus from the same provenance the genitive 
case of the name is already in use. [e.g. Sellosaurus fraasi, Plateosaurus 
fraasianus] (BTW the old ICZN 1985 had a recommendation not to introduce this 
kind of confusable names in closely related genera).

Kind regards

Dr. Markus Moser
Staatliches Museum fuer Naturkunde Stuttgart
Museum am Loewentor (= Rosenstein 1)
D-70191 Stuttgart

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