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Re: P/T extinction linked to global warming

This is very interesting information.   But while it is important to prove
there was a long period of global warming, I do not think that that alone
proves what caused the global warming.

I believe that I have seen this theory argued in conjunction with the notion
that the Siberian Traps caused the extinction.   The people who discussed
this theory on Discover channel or PBS or BBC, presented a long complex
chain reaction of events that among other things caused a long period of
global warming.

I have seen good arguments for both an asteroid and the whatever is in the
Indian mountain traps eruption as causes of the end-Cretaceous extinction.
Both theories essentially rest on the same set of explanations; a prolonged
cold and dark period and a prolonged period of global warming in addition to
whatever immediate environmental catastrophe there was.

 I am getting the idea that a large meteorite and a particularly violent
volcanic eruption could have similar effects on the environment.

Dora Smith
Austin, Texas
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> Extinction Tied to Global Warming
> Greenhouse Effect Cited in Mass Decline 250 Million Years Ago
> By Guy Gugliotta
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Friday, January 21, 2005; Page A03
> Scientists call it "the Great Dying," a 250 million-year-old catastrophe
that wiped out 90 percent of ocean species and 70 percent of land species in
the biggest mass extinction in Earth's geologic history.
> The cause of this cataclysm is a matter of great dispute among
paleontologists, but research released yesterday offers new evidence that
global warming caused by massive and prolonged volcanic activity may have
been the chief culprit.
> Huge amounts of carbon dioxide were released into the air from open
volcanic fissures known to geologists as the "Siberian Traps," researchers
said, triggering a greenhouse effect that warmed the earth and depleted
oxygen from the atmosphere, causing environmental deterioration and finally