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Largest living reptile, bird, mammal....in comparison with extinct species

Good day!
I was trying to find the value for the largest recent reptile ever recorded. It 
should be "sea crocodile" *Crocodilus porosus* thought to be over 10 m long 
(and up to 2 tones). These values are, however, not supported by real 
observation. So another value is for animals living in the infamous crocodile 
park or how they call it (can't recall where's the actuall location of the 
park). Some crocs are said to be around 7 m. Tho most valuable number would be 
that of a largest croc properly measured and recorded. Which is nowhere, as it 
seems. Does anyone know? OK, the same same for the largest ostrich (*Struthio 
camelus*), I've find the value of 2.74 m of height and the weight of a 156 kg. 
Is that still no. 1 measure? Also, was there something greater than *Sibbaldus 
(Balaenoptera) musculus* with 33.58 m lenght and (which is colossal even in 
terms of dinosaur paleontology) 195 tones? So while the largest recent dinosaur 
is about 580 times lighter and largest recent reptile about (at
 least) 45 times lighter than *Argentinosaurus huinculensis*, largest mammal 
ever to have lived is over 2 times as heavy. Of course, it's living in water, 
where density is 775 times higher than in the air. Largest recent land animal, 
african elephant *Loxodonta africana* is up to 12.2 tones, so its about 7.5 
times lighter than A. But the largest land mammal (and also the largest non 
dinosaurian land animal ever) *Indricotherium* was probably over 20 tones heavy 
(up to 34 tones?), but still some 4.5 times lighter than A. 
The largest wingspan of modern dinosaurs is that of albatross (recorded animal 
had a wingspan of 3.66 m), but *Argentavis mirificus* probably twice as much. 
and *Quetzalcoatlus northropi* at least 3.3 times as much, possibly even 4.9 
times as much. It would be also interesting to calculate on with the largest 
crocodile ever to have lived *Deinosuchus hatcheri* with the lenght over 15 m 
and largest non Mesozoic dinosaur, which would be still undescribed (?) 
phorurshracid "Terror bird" with 3.7 m in height and possibly over 800 kg (and 
a skull about 0.9 m in lenght). Well, I suppose the measure for *Liopleurodon* 
by BBC cast was way exaggerated (over 150 tones), so all my values should be 
fully relevant and up-to-date (?) Thanks for any comments, corrections, ideas 
Vlad "Stygimoloch" Socha   
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