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Re: Largest living reptile, bird, mammal....in comparison with extinct species

--- Vladimír  Socha <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz> wrote:

> Good day!
> I was trying to find the value for the largest
> recent reptile ever recorded. It should be "sea
> crocodile" *Crocodilus porosus* thought to be over
> 10 m long (and up to 2 tones). These values are,
> however, not supported by real observation.


True enough. Measurements on the skull of this
"monster" put in in at only half that size.


> another value is for animals living in the infamous
> crocodile park or how they call it (can't recall
> where's the actuall location of the park). Some
> crocs are said to be around 7 m. Tho most valuable
> number would be that of a largest croc properly
> measured and recorded. Which is nowhere, as it
> seems. Does anyone know? 


One of the contenders for largest croc would be the
skull of a _C.porosus_ that once lived in Bhitarkanika
Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa India. This animal was
recorded as measuring up to 23 ft (7m) long. No
mention on weight to go with it, but most crocs
believed to be that size are often recorded as
weighing 1.5 tonnes.

The largest croc in captivity should be Yai, a
_C.porosus_/_C.siamensis_ hybrid living at the Samut
Prakan crocodile farm in Thailand. It's last
measurment for Guinness placed the croc in at 19ft 8
inches (~6 meters) and 2465lbs (1,120kg). 


"I am impressed by the fact that we know less about many modern [reptile] types 
than we do of many fossil groups." - Alfred S. Romer

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