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Re: Largest living reptile, bird, mammal....in comparison with extinct species

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From: "Vladimír Socha" <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz>
> Also, was there something greater than *Sibbaldus (Balaenoptera) musculus*
with 33.58 m lenght and (which is colossal even in terms of dinosaur
paleontology) 195 tones?

If I'm not mistaking an Ichthyosaurian vertebra has been found which was 36
cm across, since the biggest vertebrae of the biggest known Ichthyosaur are
only 27cm across, it could be possible that this creatures was about as big
or even bigger than the Blue whale. Off course the problem with the biggest
creatures is that they'll usually stay in deeper water and thus won't leave
us many fossils on the continental area.