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Dinosaur stuff in new issue of HISTORICAL BIOLOGY

Three new dinosaur papers (okay, at least two were released online last year in pre-publication form), with one new species. This is the "June-December 2004" issue of Historical Biology, but since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere before, I wonder if the publication dates may eventually prove to be 2005. Citations are:

Naish, D., D.M. Martill & E. Frey, 2004. Ecology, systematics and biogeographical relationships of dinosaurs, including a new theropod, from the Santana Formation (?Albian, Early Cretaceous) of Brazil. Historical Biology 16 (2-4): 57-70.

Mazzetta, G.V., P. Christiansen & R.A. Farina, 2004. Giants and bizarres: Body size of some southern South American Cretaceous dinosaurs. Historical Biology 16 (2-4): 71-83.

Christiansen, P. & R.A. Farina, 2004. Mass prediction in theropod dinosaurs. Historical Biology 16 (2-4): 85-92.

Abstracts are online at