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Re: P/T extinction linked to global warming

David Marjanovic wrote-

> However... what if the dicynodont maxilla is actually a ceratopsian
> premaxilla? Even without *Serendipaceratops*, this would be less bizarre
> than a K dicynodont.

But WHY would it be ceratopsian?  It doesn't resemble them at all!  Which
ceratopsians had tusks?  Which ceratopsians had any teeth without enamel?
Which had dicynodont tooth microstructure?  If you want to suggest an
alternate identity, at least provide evidence.  Just because ceratopsians
and dicynodonts were grossly similar in general doesn't mean their dentition
and palate were at all similar, and that's basically all we have of this

Mickey Mortimer
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University of Washington
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