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The Cretaceous dicynodont

I'll have to read the paper again.

Well, erm. Sample quotes from the second page:

"At its posterior end the maxilla [...] bears a sliver-like fragment of a postcanine tooth."
This is not supposed to occur in a ceratopsian pmx.

The tusk is open-rooted, thus continuously growing. AFAIK such teeth are unknown in dinosaurs altogether, right?

"The crown of the tooth lacks enamel"
There is it. AFAIK also unknown in dinosaurs.

"and internally it exhibits the typical dicynodont pattern of concentric banding. Closer inspection reveals that the bands of dentine form a stack of nested cones, a structural pattern seemingly unique to dicynodonts"

I had also grotesquely underestimated the size of the tooth, or rather the completeness of the maxilla (fig. 2).

Hey! There's a nasal, too! I thought I had read the paper!?! (I remember fig. 1 quite well.)

OK. I give in. Long live(...d) the dicynodonts.

"[...] dicynodonts did not normally indulge in tooth replacement [...]"
I love this quote from the 6th page. "It's immoral!" :-P