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Re: Fraudactylus

On Tue, 25 Jan 2005, frank bliss wrote:
> It looks to me to be a piece of Teepee Trail Tuffaceous SS (Eocene)  
> from North Western Wyoming.  I have collected the stuff before and  
> recognize the rock, the characteristic fracture, the color and the  
> blocky corner cleavage along with the type of preservation of the leaf  
> material.  I have some identical plant fossils except mine didn't have  
> Jurassic Fossils (clearing throat deeply) on the back.  Humm, Wyoming  
> Eocene on one side, German Jurassic on the Back.  Quite an unconformity  

Continental drift; a rock can really get around...

> don't you think?  Wild Flysh too. How about trying some lithography  
> with that sandstone too.  Might work better than the original  
> lithographic limestone huh?