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Re: Question about strange Item on EBay

The seller does call it "fossil skin", which is 
not unknown for dinosaurs. More likely, it's a 
natural cast. But without any association, it's 
practically impossible to know what it's from. 

I see the asking price is $19,995.... Why don't 
you bid, like, ten dollars and see if you get it!

Best of luck,

--- Michael Berglund <michaelb@mnfx.com> wrote:

> It claims to be T. rex skin.  Not skin impression,
> mind you.  Skin.
> &rd=1
> Can anyone here tell what it might be?  I'm guessing
> fish, or croc,
> something like that.
> I apologize if this is not a list appropriate
> question, but it
> seemed ok after reading the rules.
> Thanks in advance for whatever opinions you may
> proffer.
> Michael Berglund

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