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Re: Vegavis gen. nov. - new anseriform in today's Nature

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > There are at least three kinds of enantiornithines from the
> > Maevarano Formation, including very small and moderately large ones.
> How published are they? And isn't that early Maastrichtian?

In abstract form, and is it Early Maastrichtian?  Carrano et al. (2002) just
say Maastrichtian.

Sampson, Nyit, Forster, Suny, Krause and Suny, 1998. The Late Cretaceous
dinosaurs of Madagascar. JVP 18(3) 74A.
Forster and O'Conner, 2000. The avifauna of the Upper Cretaceous Maevarano
Formation, Madagascar. JVP 20(3) 41A-42A.

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