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Serendipaceratops (was Re: P/T extinction linked to global warming)

David Marjanovic wrote:

However... what if the dicynodont maxilla is actually a ceratopsian
premaxilla? Even without *Serendipaceratops*, this would be less bizarre
than a K dicynodont.

_Serenipaceratops arthurcclarkei_ is known from an ulna that looks a lot like the ulna of _Leptoceratops_ (which is why the Riches regard the ulna as protoceratopsian). The ulna of _Serendipaceratops_ has slightly different proportions to the ulna of _Leptoceratops_ (which is why the Riches accord the ulna its own genus). However, as the Riches note, the ulna also bears an overall resemblence to the ulnae of certain theropods. Thus, although the ulna is PROBABLY from a ceratopsian, I can see a few folks keeping an open mind over whether we yet have "proof" of Aussie ceratopsians.

BTW, on a dinosaur trivia note: The name _Serendipaceratops_ not only references the serendipitous discovery of the ulna, but also "Sarandib", an old name for Sri Lanka, the current residence of Arthur C. Clarke (honored in the species name).