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Re: Hippo-whale paper

Christopher Taylor wrote:

> Just be thankful that
> Boisserie et al. (2005) did not once mention the awful "Whippomorpha" for
> the whale-hippo clade.
Is it worse than the alternative - the somewhat unimaginative
'Cetancodonta' (Cetacea + Ancodonta - wow)?

I'm not certain, but I believe one study redefined Ancodonta to replace "Whippomorpha" as the name of the whale-hippo clade.

I think that 'Cetacea' has some form of unfortunate mental hold on many
people. Probably the worst neologism connected with the position of Cetacea
is the renaming of 'Ferungulata' to 'Cetferungulata' used by some.
Fortunately, most researchers seem happy to simply extend 'Ferungulata' (or
'Fereuungulata') to include cetaceans.

Cetferungulata is a truly horrible word (it sounds like a vulgar Latin insult). I've also seen "Cetruminantia" (whales+ruminants), and "Artiofabula" (whales+ruminants+pigs). These molecular fellows have a penchant for horrible monikers.