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Re: Hippo-whale paper

On 27/1/05 12:18 pm, "David Marjanovic" <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> Every node must be named, don't you remember (from the late 80s)? If in
> doubt whether a node has already been named, name it anyway (Supraprimates =
> Euarchontoglires; Boreotheria = Boreoeutheria).
> The clade names of placental mammals are strictly concept-based...
> Half of Lipotyphla belong to Afrotheria? Death
> and destruction to "Lipotyphla"; long live Afrosoricida and Eulipotyphla.

    Afrosoricida is perhaps the ultimate example of what David was talking
about. The names 'Tenrecomorpha' and (arguably) 'Tenrecoidea' were already
available for the Tenrecidae + Chrysochloridae clade, but had not been used
at the 'order' level. The name 'Zalambdodonta' had been kicking around for a
very long time, and could have quite easily been co-opted, if it was allowed
to drop the Solenodontidae and perhaps a few extinct families. But no,
nothing had been used before for this clade exactly at that taxonomic rank,
so a whole new unnecessary name was invented, one that as luck would have it
also ended with the 'order-indicating' suffix '-ida'.


        Christopher Taylor