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last rudists (was: Re: emus)

tommy.tyrberg@norrkoping.mail.telia.com wrote 26.01.05 20:50:01:

>> A bit off topic, but since we are talking K/T extinction and You often hear 
>> that rudists went extinct in the mid-Maastrichtian, here is a paper from the 
>> last issue of Caribbean Journal of Science:

'First Record of the Rudist Bivalve Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) from the 
Maastrichtian of Jamaica

ABSTRACT.?The large plagioptychid rudist bivalve Mitrocaprina tschoppi (Palmer) 
is recorded from the Guinea Corn Formation (Late Maastrichtian) of central 
Jamaica. ...'

Signor & Lipps at work again? <<

No, Zinsmeister.
Well, that's what I would call it. I believe it was Zinsmeister (et al.?) in a 
J. Paleont. paper about 1984/88 who first proposed that the KT mass extinction 
proceeded during the end-Cretaceous from the paleopolar regions towards the 
paleoequator. Thus ammonites became extinct in the Antarctic area some million 
years earlier than in the central Tethys.

Kind regards

Markus Moser

Dr. Markus Moser
Staatliches Museum fuer Naturkunde Stuttgart
Museum am Loewentor (= Rosenstein 1)
D-70191 Stuttgart

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