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Re: Hippo-whale paper

David Marjanovic wrote:

Every node must be named, don't you remember (from the late 80s)? If in doubt whether a node has already been named, name it anyway (Supraprimates = Euarchontoglires; Boreotheria = Boreoeutheria).

Also, with molecular-based phylogenies, no node can really be diagnosed by morphological characters.

BTW, this is the Generally Approved List Of the Eighteen Plus/Minus Zero Placental Orders:
Afrosoricida, Macroscelidea, Tubulidentata, Hyracoidea, Proboscidea, Sirenia, Xenarthra,
Lagomorpha, Rodentia, Scandentia, Dermoptera, Primates, Eulipotyphla, Chiroptera,
Carnivora, Pholidota, Perissodactyla, Cetartiodactyla

These are the extant placental orders, yes. To this we can add seven extant marsupial orders: Didelphimorphia, Paucituberculata, Microbiotheria, Dasyuromorphia, Notoryctemorphia, Peramelina (=Peramelemorphia), and Diprotodontia. I've also seen the monotremes split into two orders: Platypoda and Tachyglossa. I'm not a huge fan of "orders"; and most of them break down completely when you throw fossil taxa into the mix.