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Kong News - The Rex Fight

hoo hah not one not two but THREE rexes rexi three of them

>From a lengthy set report. Spoilers, don't read if you don't want to know.
Content yourself with knowing there should be some good eye candy for dino

Peter insisted I come by before my flight the next day to see the
Christening of "Kong Stage," a huge concrete monster of a building that
had been under construction when I got there... also where they built the
first bit of Skull Island... and he also wanted me to see the animatic of
Kong fighting the 3 T-Rexes.
Ann Darrow starts off alone, somewhere on Skull Island. She stumbles
across a few grazing carnivores (they looked like raptors in the animatic,
but they had already been changed to this sort of prehistoric giant
crocodile, which is a good thing). They don't notice her, so she hides
behind a tree, watching them... Of course, there's one standing right
beside the tree watching her the whole time. There's a mad chase where she
barely eludes the creatures. Just as they're about to break into her
hiding spot, they are suddenly pulled out of frame, screeching in pain and

Enter the first T-Rex, munching down on these bad-boys. You can see why
the decision to change them from anything that even resembled a raptor
came from now, eh?

She breaks for it and is immediately chased by the Rex, with its last meal
still hanging limply from its jaws. As she's running, the creature in the
Rex's mouth starts falling apart. Ann is literally having to dodge dino
body part as the Rex gains ground.

After some close scrapes (I won't give everything away), she looks to be
totally screwed. Rex behind her, giant chasm in front. Like a knight
coming the rescue, Kong appears over a ridge and jumps in to save Ann,
picking her up with one hand and holding off the Rex with the other. As
he's doing that, a 2nd Rex appears behind Kong, who is holding Ann out
away from the Rex he's currently fighting off. Ann watches in horror as
the 2nd Rex saunters up, getting very close to nipping distance. She
screams and Kong turns to see the 2nd Rex lunging in for the bite.
With his left arm still holding off the first Rex, the only option he has
to keep Ann from being eaten is to move his bicep into her spot. He does
and takes a nasty bite to his arm. Kong roars in pain as the Rex gnaws on
his arm. Suddenly, he drops Ann. She falls, screaming, only to be caught
by Kong's foot. With both hands free, he now tussles with the Rexes and

I flipped out when I saw Kong take that hit for Ann. He's already
sacrificing, taking great injury to protect her. I love these small
additions to Kong's fights on Skull Island that give him so much more
depth of character than was possible to achieve with the original. I
believe Willis O'Brien could have achieved this sort of character depth,
but the style of filmmaking at the point was radically different than it
is today, still coming off the theater-based silent films.

Anyway, there are a few more times when Kong puts his own safety in
jeopardy to keep Ann out of harm's way, especially with the addition of a
3rd T-Rex. He's still giving them a heavy beating, but at some point he
and Ann get separated. That's good for him because he can now full on
fight and the Rexes are no match for the King, but it's bad for Ann. She's
vulnerable and there's a scene involving vines in the chasm and her
swinging closer and closer to the snapping jaws of a Rex that'll have you
squirming. I squirmed and I was just watching an animatic!

Eventually, Kong gets the better of 2 of the Rexes and then comes the
iconic scene... The one that gave me goosebumps when watching even in this
rough animated form.

On one end you have a very pissed off T-Rex. On the other you have Kong,
knuckles on the ground standing very statuesque and steady, eyeballin'
that bastard dinosaur. In between them is Ann Darrow. 

She's frantically looking in both directions. T-Rex in one direction and
giant ape in the other. After a moment's panic, followed by a moment's
thought, she turns, facing the Rex and walks slowly backwards. She walks
backwards between Kong's arms, coming to a stop under his chest and
completely in his protection. She chose him and he realizes it. He stands
taller and lets out a roar as he beats his chest. Kong and the Rex have at
it, but it's absolutely no contest. In the previous fights with the Rexes
there was a little back and forth. Here Kong just takes this sucker out,
snapping its jaw in an homage to the original '33 Kong Vs. Rex fight. He
even jiggles the jaw once the Rex is dead, just like in the original.