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Wikipedia and Wikispecies

Dear List,

Since Wikipedia has not been officially mentioned (or so it seems to
me) on the DML, I thought it important to do so.  Go here:

Wikipedia is basically free knowledge for everyone, by everyone; it is
an online encyclopedia that can be edited by anybody.  For example, in
the first paragraph of the entry on Tyrannosaurus rex, the article
mentions that T. rex is poorly known and rare at only 20 specimens as
of 2001.  "Only?"  I know there are listmembers, both professional and
amateur, who would have something to say about that!  I was skeptical
at first, and thought accuracy would be a problem, but the article on
Dinosaurs, for example, is actually pretty good.

Further, there is Wikispecies, which is an attempt to catalogue every
known species to have ever existed, for anybody to access.  This is a
big task, but there is so much knowledge on this list that it would
seem much smaller.

Further, the Wikimedia group is working on books and teaching
materials, all free, to improve literacy and education around the
world, especially for those who can't even afford the prices of kids'
books.  This list, in which professionals and amateurs freely share
knowledge with each other at no costand in mny lnguages, is the
perfect place to publicize a worthy project like Wikipedia.  And
Wikipedia is, in turn, the perfect medium by which we can share
knowledge we have with people around the world.

It's really a great project, so check it out!

Take care,