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RE: why 'Martians' should be bipeds (some WoW spoiler)

From: david peters <davidrpeters@earthlink.net>
Reply-To: david peters <davidrpeters@earthlink.net>
To: Subject: why 'Martians' should be bipeds (some WoW spoiler)
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 09:48:59 -0500 (GMT-05:00)

Don't read further if you haven't seen and want to see War of the Worlds.

* S P O I L E R S P A C E *

Back in the late 80s I wrote a book detailing the evolution of humans from bacteria to worms, to fishy vertebrates through the primates and the rest. During the course I learned about what characters the synapsids bequeathed to us, why we have a plate separating our eyeballs from our jaw muscles, and how the cough originated.

sounds like fun. I'd be greatly interested in reading it.

So it was with a curious eye that I gazed upon the 'Martians' in War of the Worlds. I'll only cover two topics.

They were naked and quadrupedal, in the manner of lemurs and monkeys.

I beg your pardon? we are tripedal! we walk on three limbs.

In human ancestors, standing upright freed our hands to do other things, specifically to carry things, like bananas and prey. Before long we were fashioning stone into tools and weapons; vines and sinew into string and rope; skins and leaves into garments and adornments. This led to trade, greed, invention, the moon landing and MTV. So quadrupedal aliens in hi-tech ware doesn't cut it for me.

I think I saw a second set of limbs (much smaller) underneath the body & larger limbs...when one has organs dedicated to being hands, 3 or 4 legs can be set aside for walking...yes?

Second, clothes give you one thing that nudity can't offer: pockets

when you have a giant Swiss Army Knife (with built-in tank and lunch box), why bother with clothing pockets?

Still, the special effects are breath-taking.

I agree.

Not sure what the red roots were all about,

I looked at the landscape, and said "Wet Mars."

nor all the red fluids.

I think that was an attempt to make them seem more threatening.

David Peters
St. Louis

PS. Do you think they'll ever do an invasion movie where the aliens want our gold, want to force us to their religion and we give them syphyllis?

When I saw the movie, and came outside (to face a giant cloud eerily identical to the one in the movie), some others who'd seen the movie at the same time, guessed that the aliens died from AIDS, or Salmonela. I politely corrected them "no, we died from the same thing as in the 1898 invasion - Chicken Pox."