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Re: why 'Martians' should be bipeds (some WoW spoiler)

Y'all don't know much about Martians... it's important
to remember they evolved in Mars gravity, and don't
tolerate Earth g well. 
That's why they send bionic agents too accomplish
their ends.. usually disguised as lawyers.

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> > In human ancestors, standing upright freed our
> hands to do other things, 
> > specifically to carry things, like bananas and
> prey. Before long we were 
> > fashioning stone into tools and weapons; vines and
> sinew into string and 
> > rope; skins and leaves into garments and
> adornments. This led to trade, 
> > greed, invention, the moon landing and MTV. So
> quadrupedal aliens in 
> > hi-tech ware doesn't cut it for me.
> You're merely arguing that _some_ sort of grasping
> organ is needed. I just 
> say "elephant trunk". Or "spider monkey tail". And
> those are just the 
> mammals. Nothing requires that such a grasping organ
> have evolved from a 
> walking organ, and I don't think the number is too
> constrained either.
> > They were unprotected and apparently naive about
> life's littlest denizens. 
> > Even in the late 60s we were cautious enough to
> quarantine our astronauts 
> > [...]
> Which was of course rather silly. It's not like any
> virus could just infect 
> any cell. It needs to have the right surface
> proteins so the virus can 
> attach in the first place, and that's just the
> start. Now remember that our 
> 20 (OK, 22) amino acids are a _highly_ arbitrary
> selection of all amino 
> acids that _could_ in principle occur in functional
> proteins... besides, who 
> needs amino acids, perhaps glycolipids or whatever
> can do the tricks just as 
> well... While we are at it, viruses need to
> replicate inside cells. This 
> requires DNA and RNA. There doesn't appear to be a
> special reason why we 
> have just these four bases and not any others.
> Pyridine bases could bind 
> metal ions and conduct all sorts of interesting
> enzyme activities without 
> proteins...
> > PS. Do you think they'll ever do an invasion movie
> where the aliens want 
> > our gold, want to force us to their religion and
> we give them syphyllis?
> Syphilis? How many _mammal_ species can get
> syphilis?
> -------------------------------------
> "First let me say that I'm a big fan of carbon-based
> life. Some of my best 
> friends are carbon-based."
> -- David Harry Grinspoon