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Shuvosaurus, 3rd impressions

I have to admit, I don't know my dinosaur anatomy as well as many of

But on the question of Shuvosaurus an important dino-character came up:
lacrimal visible dorsally.

In Shuvosaurus the lacrimal precedes the prefrontal [anteroposteriorly]
and each ccupy about half of the laterally projecting process/shelf
/eyebrow anterior to the orbit. Note, the lacrimal takes the anterior

A quick look at Carroll 1988 showed me a dorsal view of the skull of
Dromiceomimus, an ostrich mimic dino. Here the lacrimal l sneaks in,
like a finger from the posterior!

Yes, you can say that both are visible in dorsal view, but the patterns
are clearly not the same.

Not sure what the condition is in Ticinosuchus, my favorite for a sister
taxa, due to lack of good material to work with and even so, the skull
has been crushed in lateral view and disarticulated. In related
Aetosaurs, there is nothing similar, sadly.

However, in related Turfanosuchus (JVP 21(1) covergirl), my candidate
for the basal archosaur, the lacrimal shares the dorsal eyebrow exactly
as in Shuvosaurus, except that the exposure to the frontal is tentative.

More later,

David Peters
St. Louis