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Re: Europa Dope (Re: why 'Martians' should be bipeds...)

Dear  Mr. Bigelow,

2005/7/1, Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com>:
> Solar System critters may all have the same basic plan, no matter on
> which planet/moon they evolved.  Cross-planetary innoculation via
> meteorites would be rare, but all it takes is one successful "jab" with
> that meteoritic hypo and then all bets are off.

What you mean with the same basic plan? If we use the body plan as a
criterion to refer to "basic plan", well, we have at least 30 animals
body plans - each referred as phylum -and about a dozen of plant
phylum. So, from a single bacteriform ancestral (we do not expect a
big multicelular life form to be able to hitchhike on comets or
meteors) we got about 40 different basic plans on Earth.

> Yes, I do have a question for the list:  What is the current opinion on
> the monophyly of all Earth life?

It's well established on the basis of the "universal" genetic code
shared virtually by all life forms - the exceptions are, as far as we
can infer, theme variations. The genetic sequences similarity and
differences pattern support this view too.

But is that thread on topic in this list?


Roberto Takata