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Opalised Australian Pterosaur

Apparently a near-complete opalised pterosaur was discovered in
Whitecliffs, New South Wales, around 8 years ago. I've spoken to someone
(a non-palaeontologist) who personally saw it, in a small private
'museum' in an underground opal field house. To quote them directly:

  "They had found an opalised Pterodactyl and had cut around it
   for months with a dentist drill so it was in relief. It was about 
   500mm overall and complete. The head was bent back under its wing."

Does anyone know if this is being studied at the moment, and whether a
description will be forth-coming? Or is the specimen as-yet still
unknown to palaeontology?


Dann Pigdon
GIS / Archaeologist         http://www.geocities.com/dannsdinosaurs
Melbourne, Australia        http://heretichides.soffiles.com