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Re: Europa Dope

Phil Bigelow wrote:

Ahhh, but in order to make such a claim, you *must* assume that there is
more than one possible biochemical pathway for carbon-based life to form.
But what if there is *only* one possible way for life to form? How,
then, could a geneticist distinguish polyphyletic Earth life from
monophyletic Earth life? This is a valid hypothesis, because it has the
potential to be falsified.

Uh, not to sound all ID on you guys, but, statistically speaking, multiple origins of life on earth exceed the probablistic resources of the universe, so it's technically impossible, there's no chance in Archean Earth that it could happen... So, yes, in a way it is falsifiable. :)

But is that thread on topic in this list?

We'll see in short order, I'm sure. ;-)

Yeah, probably after this post....



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