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RE: The Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Got my copy in the mail.  It's better IMO than some of the other recent
books in this series.  Some crucial (re)descriptions such as Tanycolagreus,
Ornitholestes+Coelurus at last, Harpymimus, etc.

--John R. Hutchinson 

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> Sent: 05 July 2005 02:02
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> Subject: The Carnivorous Dinosaurs
> Just to let you all know it's out there...
> I ran into Ken Carpenter's "The Carnivorous Dinosaurs" at a Barnes &
> Noble today, but unfortunately I didn't have the money on 
> hand to buy it,
> or too much time to spend reading it.  Of course, this means that
> *Tanycolagreus topwilsoni* (Carpenter, Miles, and Cloward, 
> 2005) is now
> officially published.-Justin