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Grant for Antonio et al

Here is the status of the "Grant for Antonio" which (for those of you that just tuned in) was donated by the members of this Dinosaur Mailing list over the last month. (Total donations were around 1100 dollars US) This money will be used by the Italian Paleontologist Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia to study an important basal Hadrosaur (nicknamed Antonio). This is probably the first time a paleontologic internet mailing list has done anything more than talk about paleontology, this list is making paleontology!

Enough bragging on the list members.

I have all the checks in an account now. We just had a 4 day national holiday (the 4th of July) and because of that, ironically perhaps, the 100 pound check from England has not cleared yet (8 days) but the good news is all the rest of them have cleared. As a result I am not sure of the overall timing on the overseas bank transfer at this point. Rather than sending a partial amount, I will wait and send the whole thing. Then, since all those checks were cut to me, I will make a charitable donation to the 501C corp, the National Foundation for the Geosciences in Jackson Hole, Wyoming chaired by Wallace Ulrich (mentioned it in a previous post). (This extra step will cancel out the "income" generated to me my the checks with the "charitable donations to a non-profit organization and eliminate any federal tax liability I have because of this.) Mail from here to Jackson Hole will take a few days as I think they still use the Pony Express within Wyoming. It will take a few days for that check to clear then Wallace can bank transfer the funds to you (Fabio). If any of you wish to establish fund for support of the Geosciences, this foundation is for you.

Next topic.....

Hell Creek is living up to it's name this week, the temperatures this week will hoover around 100 degrees F. Morning and evening are the only times to collect comfortably.

The Rock Pile Museum (Gillette Wyoming), the Glenrock Museum, (Glenrock Wyoming), a group of organized volunteers from Gillette and my ranch are trying to organize an excavation of what appears to be a tight pile of bones from a single (very nicely preserved) juvenile Triceratops I found about a mile from my house on a neighboring ranch. As always, any corporate sponsors would be welcome as it is mostly a volunteer effort. The press of supporting the effort might do some energy company doing business in northeastern Wyoming good. Any takers can contact me. You can see some of the bones I have already removed by looking around my website at http://www.cattleranch.org/pages/730804/index.htm for large Triceratops bones. They all came from the very surface that site which is a bentonitic muddy shale maybe 5 feet thick in the upper Hell Creek.

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming


On Jul 6, 2005, at 7:24 AM, Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia wrote:

Dear Frank,

I accounted the donations from paypal and I will start the work the next week.
Best wishes