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Re: where have all the etc.

I have about 6 Wiens papers. This was covered earlier in DML. However,
with the possibility that I don't have the right paper, send that work
or ref and I'll look it over.

I don't have either, and looking for SVP abstracts is extremely time-consuming.

I  understand your concerns. Bootstrap values are not high between
Youngina and Parasuchia, but in most cases over 50.

Everything under 50 is worthless. Everything under 70 or 80 is highly suspect. Even nodes with 100 can be wrong.

Considering that most of the taxa in this grouping are skulls,
and many are missing the premaxilla, palate, and occiput,
it's not unreasonable to find low values.

Yes, but of course your trust in your cladogram shouldn't be higher than the support values of your cladogram!

David wrote: " it's strange how all your analyses seem to find one

.I don't stop until they do.

And how do you reduce the number of MPTs?

David wrote: Should I send you Müller's paper & supp. inf., or do you
have those? That would be a matter of a minute or two for me.

Müller has written quite a bit and I have a few of his papers. Send a
title or ref first so you don't waste your modem's time. If I don't have
what you're thinking of, I'll gladly let you know.

Due to lack of time (the train to Paris goes in less than 6 hours -- I'll have e-mail there, but not most of my files), I'll just send you the thing. I have a cable modem -- I was asking because I don't know how much you can get.

Regarding your theropod cladogram: Luckily for you, others have also
been working on this problem. Although I'm sure you'll want to solve
this problem on your own, if you wish, send me the sticky points OFFLIST
and I'll see if I can discover something for you.

You've misunderstood my problem. There are two sticky points: - too many question marks; - too few characters. Both greatly decrease resolution, and both are caused by the fact that - most of the literature is so superficial that I'd need to see the fossils; - I haven't seen the fossils.

I'll send you my Nexus file, but I don't know what you could do against my problem!