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Dinosaur Research Survey

Forwarded to the list for a gentleman who is not currently subscribed to  our 
list.  From the survey:  "This project is an initiative by Joe  Robinson 
working in partnership with Churchfield Primary School in Edmonton,  London. It 
supported by a national Creative Partnership's Creative Action  Research 
Award (CARA). The CARA programme is run by Cape UK. This survey was  designed 
collaboration with Viv Brunsden & Jeff Goatcher."  I looked  at the surveys and 
they seem to be okay.  

Your address was passed on to me by a professional working at  the American 
Museum Natural History. I am not someone who would normally  subscribe to the 
DML but I was wondering if it would be possible to forward the  message below 
to people who might be willing to complete the survey.


I am carrying out a research project which  is asking 'why dinosaurs are 
popular'. It sounds a little silly but it is  serious. 

The aim is to use the findings to help develop new approaches  to children's 
learning and education. I think museums will also find the results  
interesting. I am very keen to get as many adults and professionals  
(particularly those 
working around this theme) to compare and contrast with the  views of younger 

If you have a few minutes (the survey is online  and very brief) please have 
a go. 

If you know ANYONE else, young or old,  colleague or friend, home or abroad, 
anyone who might fill it in PLEASE pass it  on. 


Survey for Children and Young people =  

Survey for Adults =  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=268451173377

The surveys are the same  except for some of the words used in the questions.

Thank you for your  time and help.

Yours sincerely

Joe  Robinson